For more information or to arrange an appointment contact me on:

07983 329465  or johanna@holistictherapyandhealing.co.uk

My name is Johanna Harkaniemi and I am fully qualified complementary therapist. I work as a mobile therapist in West London and surrounding areas . I also work at Earth Life well-being center in Kew, and Alexandria Healing Centre in West Ealing. 

 My treatments are individually tailored to my clients needs using a holistic approach. Treatments can be combined to suit the needs of the individual. My aim is to improve and enhance my clients health, vitality and wellbeing to help them achieve optimal health. My treatments are based on my skills, experience, and intution.

I also offer treatments for Animals - Animal Healing all animals, Animal herbal choice for cats and dogs, and Canine Massage. I do also combine the treatments, and also intergarte some T-touch and Craniosacral therapy deepeinding on the animals needs. All treatments are led by the animal.

I am a  member of the Complementary Therapy Association - CThA, Association of Merishia Canine massage therapist, Rose Applied Therapies and Healing Animal Organisation.



Contact phone number: 07983329465, email: johanna@holistictherapyandhealing